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Meet Canadian Transsexuals Online

Meeting Up Online LIVE Femboy Chat  ..

Is there anything better than logging into a member’s section and heading for the Femboy Chat Room knowing you stand a pretty good chance of chatting with a Canadian Femboy and “maybe” “hopefully” “will be“ LOL Meeting up !!


Although better is logging on and arranging to meet rather than chatting, but it’s a VERY close second as I love meeting up online chatting with others, and to a certain extent I really don’t mind where the Femboy is location if its just a bit of online fun, but meeting is better !


Live Femboy Chatrooms have always been VERY popular even from the early days of chat rooms it was always the LGBT rooms that attracted the most attention, sadly some of it not always good with idiots accessing the FREE chat, but that’s under control now


Why Are Femboy Live Chat So Popular . .

I was reading this question posted on forum and I suppose the easy answer is knowing that you are talking “LIVE” with a member that joined a dating site to meet others, you just have to hope “others” is a person like YOU, although even if a member joined the site to hookup with contacts not like yourself, most when in chatroom will chat with anyone that’s polite!


It’s the popularity of live Femboy chatrooms that many join about personals sites because whilst there are a few free ones going around they tend to offer very few features and because free also attract the idiots that want to spoil our chatting fun..


Don’t Be Shy say “Hi” ..

So many people when they enter live chat just sit in the background reading postings and accessing members personals adverts just to check the members out, whilst theres nothing wrong with that, another option when you enter the room is to say a “hi”


By posting up a greeting I’m sure you will get messages back from others and it’s the way you start a conversation off and you never know which direction that conversation will go, maybe if local arranging a meet up


Setting Up Private Femboy Chat ..

Want to have a private one on one chat with a member? Then setting up a private chatroom is a great way of talking with other members in private. But before inviting a femboy /admirer into a private room post a message on the main board first as some members find it rude just to invite into a private room.


Join us and start chatting in our live Femboy chatrooms and you never know tonight could be your lucky nigh and be talking with a member close to YOU.