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Meet Canadian Transsexuals Online

Trans forums Sounds dull right? ..

We’ll NO wrong actually, its just a little different from other types of online social meetups that transgenders and admirers use to meet up, some in fact prefer Trans forums over live chat, myself being one as I find live chat moves a little too fast, but what is Trans Forums? Or any type of forum come to think of it.


So, what are the forums or sometimes referred to as Transvestite message board, is an online discussion section of the members aera where people access threads and postings to hold conversations by means of posting messages. The big difference between live chat & trans forums is messages tend to be longer than one line of text or “hi, wanna fuck lol, and forums messages are archived, in other words can be accessed later.


What are Trans forums also called something else . .

Yes they can be often referred as message boards, bulletin boards or Canadian Transvestite discussion groups and it’s the term discussion group that I personally think best describes what goes on inside the forums group in the members section.


Members can access all types of section within the forum reading new postings or messages first then scrolling down to access others that could have been posted up months ago. From here you can read the message the members posted up.


Messages can be anything from I’m heading to Ontario and would love to meet some other local trans in a bar or club which one do you recommend and lets meet. You could then respond to this message or if it doesn’t interest you scroll on to others, and trust me there are a LOT


How To Post On Trans Forums ..

That’s the easy part, although to access the trans forum here you do need to join, but for basic membership that’s FREE and will give you access to trans forum. Once a member you then just click on the forums section and navigate to the section you are interested in.


Then just click “make posting” put a heading in so that other transvestites or admirers can find it then post your question, its that easy and some would say one of the best ways to start making local contacts!


Join us today and access our Trans Forums and start meeting local Canadian Transvestites.