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Trans Blogging Everyone Is Doing It Are U?

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Meet Canadian Transsexuals Online

I Want To Start My Blog..

Want to start writing your own transvestites blog? Or maybe you are an admirer and you want to detail the ups and hopefully not too many downs of dating a Transvestite, then master your writing with these tips on trans blogs.


Often people start with the best intensions and I’m sure we’ve all done it when opening an email or word document to send a message or letter and certainly with the case of writing your first trans blog can seem overwhelming, maybe intimidating and possibly enough to stop you before you start, we’ll lucky for you, I’ve posted a few tips to get you started..


First, what is a Transvestite blog? ..

Transvestite Blogs? Not really first the blogs are open to all members and that means admirers and Transgender blogs do get posted up, but what are they? Some would say they are stories, descriptions of meetups, advice & help and even rants! But they can detail the events diary of someone’s life.


Why have a Blogs section? I suppose it gives members the chance to have an insight into someone and allow both trans & admirers the chance to be creative, share events, stories and allow other members to really get to know the type of person you are. Also blogs are open where members can respond with each other.


You don’t need to be a great writer to create blogs and its one of the misconceptions about trans blogging you just need to be able to offer personal viewpoint on things, and often trans bloggers will write about meets they would like in a very conversational style.


How To Set Up A Trans Blog & Respond ..

There is nothing to set up its all part of the membership of the site, just login the the members section, click on Blogs, then click on new Blogs, its really that simple. Likewise if you want to respond to another Trans blog or admirer you just click on comment on the bottom of the blog.


You don’t need to be an expert on your topic of interest, you just need a passion and what thing that is not lacking within our members is PASSION…


Join and upload your Trans blog or admirers blog today


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